We Are Social Fashion

Who Are We? What is Social Fashion?

We are a growing social media that links fashion and social networking. Our idea is to create an environment for users to post their favourite outfits and items of apparel. Social fashion is the idea of linking the two ideas together in a unique way. Follow your friends and interact with their posts. Visiting the links provided on the posts to fine similar apparel. This is the perfect place if you are looking for apparel to complete an outfit or make it special. Social fashion combines aspects of social media you love with your love for fashion. We aim to appeal to everyone with all fashion needs. Whether you like street, vintage, smart or casual we will cater for your needs.

Have you ever wanted to know where an item of apparel you’ve seen on social media is from? We want to eliminate this by sharing users outfits and linking similar items in the post. If you’re looking for an easy to use site to check up on latest fashion news, Vivo Moda is the place for you! Social fashion is our brand new concept trying to make internet shopping easier for you. Just search for an item on the site and use a link provided by the user posts to get to the checkout! However, it hasn’t always been this easy. Social media is fun until you see something you want but have no idea where to get it. Social fashion stops this issue FOR GOOD! Using our social features of private messaging and commenting on posts you can communicate with others. If someone has similar interests to you, don’t hesitate to ask about their apparel and where they purchased it! Head to our homepage to sign up and get started with social fashion TODAY! http://vivo.moda/

We hope you enjoy the new experience of brining fashion to life on social media with Vivo Moda – The Home of Social Fashion!

Social Fashion